Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Projects, projects, projects

Nothing too exciting to update, but I thought I'd post a quick run down of what I've been up to over the past few weeks. Mostly, I've been bouldering a lot and starting some new projects.

A few weeks ago, Brock and I headed up to the Satellite Boulders in the Flatirons for a night session and to get on The Turning Point (V8). We warmed up as the temps cooled off a bit and eventually worked out all the moves on this awesome problem. I went back up there on Sunday to see if I could make any more progress on the line. I did all the moves again and put in a very good link, falling two moves from the finish. Unfortunately temps were really warm and the last two moves feel really hard to me, but I'm confident that with one or two more days of refining beta and getting the muscle memory dialed in, I'll top this one out soon.

The Turning Point, V8

Also a couple weeks ago, a huge crew of people went up to the Emerald Lake area in RMNP. Everyone congregated at The Kind to work on this classic V5. I made a halfhearted attempt at warming up on an easy problem to the right, then decided to just hop on The Kind. I managed the flash, feeling pretty solid the whole way, aside from my fingers going numb on the last few holds. I did the problem again and tried the sit start a few times, but decided to save my skin for other things. The rest of the day turned out to be a lot of falling off hard problems, but I'm still happy with my hardest flash to date.

Finally, last Tuesday, Brock, Paul, and I headed up Boulder Canyon to The Citadel boulder. This is a very cool bloc right next to the creek that has a V1, V5/6, V8, V10, V11, and V13, something for everyone. We warmed up a bit and went to work on Standard Overhang, V5/6. After working out the tricky beginning (where are the feet? oh wait, there aren't any.), Brock and I were both able to do this problem. Paul made some progress, but no send and Brock moved on to The Citadel, V8. I made a few poor attempts on The Citadel, but my skin and fingers weren't feeling it. Brock came super close to sending though. We got back up there last night and there was much progress to be had. Paul fell off the top out to Standard Overhang like 3 times at the end of the session (next time for sure), Brock sent The Citadel twice with different beta on each send, and I fell of the last move of the Citadel on my last go of the day (next time for sure). Mad props to Brock on wrapping up his year long goal of climbing a V8 on the last day of his self imposed deadline!

The Citadel, V8

All in all, I'm super happy with how well I've been climbing lately. I got my hardest flash and hardest send this summer, and I've got three different projects that I've linked to within 2 moves of the finish (The Citadel (V8), The Turning Point (V8), and Valhalla (V7)). Since Sendtember is now here and the Front Range is finally cooling off a bit, I'm looking forward to an awesome fall!