Friday, June 25, 2010

Bear Peak run/hike

View fom the summit of Bear Peak
Yesterday (6/23) I did a quick run/hike up Bear Peak via Fern Canyon. This is a standard (and excellent) hike in Boulder and is certainly the steepest trail in the area, climbing about 2800' over just 2.8 miles (1000 ft/mile or averaging a 19% grade!!!). It was a beautiful day out, but a bit hot so I waited until 6:40 to hit the trail and I still overheated quite a bit in the beginning of the hike. I felt like crap most of my way up the canyon until I got up higher and started cooling off a bit. I'm feeling pretty strong these days and this was actually a pretty good time despite the miserable ascent. Great day and a great hike with a lot of bang for your buck.

The stats: 5.6 miles, ~3000 ft elevation gain, 1hr 56min

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