Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flagstaff Bouldering Again

Yesterday I went up to Flagstaff with Brock again with the intention of trying a few problems in the V6-7 range. The weather was warm and windy in Boulder, but cooler and still windy on the mountain. We also had some very strange cloudless rain, more on that later.

After warming up at Cloud Shadow, we headed to Rear End Rock to try Left Bulge Direct. This is a high quality V6 with a very hard first move followed by a difficult match on a pinch/crimp. After matching you throw for a bad sloper and rock up for a crimp to an easier top out. After probably 5 attempts I tore some skin off one of my tips and I was bleeding again. I taped up, but couldn't manage the difficult match again. Still, my best go resulted in a fall going for the crimp so I was 1 move away from the send. It'll go next time for sure.

 I can't seem to climb at Flagstaff without my skin ending up like this

Next we decided to head down the hill to the Nook's Rock area to get on 30th Birthday Roof (V6). I went first and tried hard to get the flash, but fell only a couple moves from the top while slapping up the arete after mostly pulling over the roof. This is a very physical problem and another fun one. I gave it a bunch more tries, but fell twice going for the last key hold. This problem just drained my power really quickly on the attempts when I didn't climb efficiently. Again, 1 move away and it'll definitely go next session.

Me on 30th Birthday Roof (V6), Photo from Brock

Now, back to the cloudless rain. I've lived in CO for nearly three years now and I've seen some strange weather, but this one takes the cake. It was extremely windy yesterday and the NWS said there could be gusts up to 85mph in wind-prone areas. Gusts of 70mph were recorded in Boulder. However, while that's not pleasant, it's not all that uncommon due to the Chinook Winds. The strange part was when it started raining and we literally could not see a cloud in the sky. At one point we had a steady, if light, rain for about a half hour and no clouds. Still can't figure out where it came from.

All in all, it was a productive day. 1 move away on 2 different V6's and a cool sunset to finish things off.

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  1. cool sunset picture doug :)

    and your hands are gross...