Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Favorite Photos

I decided it would be cool to post a bunch of my favorite pictures I've taken over the past ~6 years. Nothing too spectacular, and all taken with my Canon Digital ELPH, but I'm definitely proud of some of them and they're all good shots. FYI, clicking on the images will bring up a larger image (necessary for the panoramas).

The first image is from Rib Mountain State Park in Wisconsin. I spent a Fall day in 2003 bouldering there (before bouldering was banned, effective this year due to State Natural Area designation). The climbing was pretty good and a lot of fun, but the fall colors were spectacular. The following shot was take from the top of the observation tower and stitched together from two different exposures (1 for the sky and 1 for the land) to create the relatively high dynamic range.

This image was taken in the fall of 2005 near Vilas Park in Madison, WI. Believe it or not, I did NO editing on this photo other than cropping. The colors and light are all natural. I really like the density of leaves and consistency of the leaves' color.

The next two photos are from an evening at the Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, WI. The terrace is at the UW Memorial Union right on lake Mendota and is a great place to spend a summer evening. They often have live music or free movies on a projection screen. Plus it's one of the only (if not the only) student unions to serve beer (union members only). If you ever visit Madison, check it out. The second pic is definitely one of my favorites. It would be hard to take a bad photo of that sunset, but the scene brings back a lot of good memories too.

Next up is a panorama of the Monona Terrace, a neat Frank Lloyd Wright designed convention center in Madison. The shot was stitched together from about 6 individual shots.

Next: Camp Randall Stadium. Badger football game. Stiched together from 8 or 9 photos.

The next two are from the backyard of the house on Orchard St. I lived in for 2 years in Madison. It may be an overused effect, but I think the shallow depth of field in these two is really cool. The caterpillar came out especially nicely.

Taken while camping at Green Valley near Devils Lake State Park, WI. I was guiding a family for a weekend of climbing at Devils Lake (for the gym I started climbing at, Adventure Rock) and was treated to this awesome sunset after the first day.

Storm clouds over Madison near sunset

The final two pics from Madison are longer exposures from a rainy evening. Both were taken along University avenue and I really like the play of the lights on the wet pavement and rain drops in the second photo. I think the it really captures the feeling of walking home in the cool, post rain night after a very long day on campus.

The final 3 images are from CO. I decided not to delve too far into the Colorado pictures I have since I probably have about 50 equally good shots of mountains and scenery. Not that that's bad, but here's what you get. First, some summer alpine flowers blooming in the tundra above treeline in RMNP.

A great view of Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker from the Longs Peak trail. Where have you seen this shot before?

Finally, a shot of Cody from his visit to CO a couple summers ago. Cool sun glint off his lens. I can't decide if this shot would be better or worse if it were just pure blue sky without the clouds.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I think I like the second sunset pic from the Union Terrace and the second rainy night in Madison pic best. Which is your favorite?

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