Friday, September 11, 2009


Pretty awesome sunset today, and I was fortunate enough to see it.

As viewed from our neighborhood, the sun set right over Eldorado Canyon so it was perfectly framed by Eldorado Mtn. to the south and S. Boulder Peak/Bear Peak to the north. Also, as usual, the clouds are what really made the sunset spectacular. Without the massive cloud layer (which formed just before sunset and extended from the divide east over the plains) there just wouldn't have been much to see. It's kind of a metaphor for life I guess, the bad is what allows you to see what's really good.

In other news, i finally submitted my research article. It went off to Chaos journal on Tuesday and it's titled "A ridge tracking algorithm and error estimate for efficient computation of Lagrangian coherent structures". I'm pretty happy with how it came together in the end and I'm fairly confident it will be accepted without major changes. Also, since I'm now allowed to have a life again, I plan to get outside to enjoy the above pictured mountains. More to come then...

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