Friday, August 7, 2009

Flagstaff bouldering

Well, I'm back from Vail, but as I expected, I had no time to get out for a hike. However, I did get up to Flagstaff to go bouldering yesterday morning. Over the past month or so, my climbing has pretty much been cut to zero. Between moving, work and trying to study for a prelim. exam later this month I just haven't had much time. The previous time I climbed was about 2 weeks ago and I was unable to do First Overhang (V5), a problem I flashed.

Brock and I got up to Flagstaff yesterday morning before 9 and headed to Upper Y wall. We warmed up a bit and hopped on the Upper Y traverse. This is one of three excellent moderate traverses on the mountain, Three of a Kind Traverse and the Monkey Traverse being the other two. They're all about V4 in my opinion and all require some figuring out to suss out all the beta.

Anyway, I surprised myself by falling off the last move of the traverse on my first attempt, completing the second half on my second and sending the full traverse on my third. Despite feeling like I've lost a lot of finger strength, apparently my endurance is still decent.

If you're wanting to work on endurance, all three of these traverses are pretty close to one another so try running laps on them. I've done all three in a session, and in the future I'd like to see how many times I can do them all in a single session. As usual, I forgot my camera, so no pictures. However, I'll leave you with this awesome guide to Flagstaff bouldering which includes most of the problems on Flagstaff. Also, here are links to pages which describe these three traverses (Upper Y, Three of a Kind, and Monkey).

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