Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movement Climbing+Fitness

I went to check out the new gym today, Movement Climbing+Fitness, and I'm pretty impressed with the facility. The lead wall looks great and there's a lot more (and better) space for spectators. The stadium seating idea seems to have worked out great and I think it will make watching comps here a lot better than most gyms. The bouldering area is just average, there's one good sized overhang, but that's definitely not the focus of the gym, go to The Spot if you want to boulder inside.

The main gym area

Seating area and balcony

Also, Boulder's strongest were out in force. I saw Jason Kehl, Carlo Traversi, Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson and others.

Alex Puccio and Carlo Traversi

Jason Kehl

Speaking of Jason Kehl, I also saw him and his van up on Flagstaff about a week and a half ago and it reminded me of this classic video:

Jason's Crib


  1. Thanks, I meant to introduce myself, but couldn't find you as I was leaving. Next time I'll be sure to say hi.