Friday, July 24, 2009

Movement Climbing+Fitness

Movement Climbing+Fitness is open to members today and is open for free to the public tomorrow and Sunday. This is a new addition to Boulder's climbing gym scene and it seems like they've got a pretty cool facility. They've built the walls to meet IFSC standards for international climbing competitions and included stadium seating for better spectating. This is the first gym in Boulder with tall enough walls for IFSC standards and they had to dig down to do so because of the city's building height restrictions.

The gym is about a block from my apartment so I'll definitely go check it out over the weekend and try to take some pictures. It seems like they have a broad focus on general fitness as well as the climbing aspect (hence the name), so they may attract a different clientèle than the other gyms in Boulder. However, this is the 5th indoor climbing gym in Boulder (The Spot, BRC, CATS, and the CU Rec. Center are the others) and their memberships are $70/mo. There's definitely competition, so hopefully there's enough demand to support all these places.

Personally, I'll stick with climbing outside and my $35/yr. membership to the wall at the CU Rec. Center, but I'm also a poor grad student. I'm excited to see their walls this weekend though and maybe get a better idea of the feel of the gym. More to come...

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